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So you seek something more involved, don't you pet?

I have a deeply devoted kennel of submissives that stretches across not just the country, but the world. One of the most enjoyable experiences to Me as a Woman of power is turning wandering, kinky souls into devoted, long-term acolytes hell-bent on worship and reprogramming into what I see fit for My empire. However, this is a role that only the most committed, respectful, and truly submissive get to fill.

I receive hundreds of DMs, emails, and texts every single month from wandering souls, but most remain unrecognized and lost as they lacked the proper protocol and respect to approach. As a small courtesy to you, I'm going to provide you with a little explanation of what will result in a response (and positive one) from Me.

Read carefully and follow directions. You have everything to gain from doing so. 


☑ Start with a tribute. This is a very simple way to show that you respect My time, energy and Dominance. My minimum to approach is $50, but impressing Me and going above the minimum is a great way to pique My interest in you. Whether you are into findom or not, a monetary element is expected in all of My dynamics, as subs who do not have interest in My growing success are of no interest to Me. Remember this: when Mistress is happy, Mistress is more likely to reward.

☑ Show that you are well aware of your place and that you value this opportunity. Your introductory message should not be a simple "hi, sent," but a show of reverence, respect, passion and patience. Do you think that I will settle for anything less than a well-behaved, obedient, open plaything? The answer is never, so communicate that you understand that.

☑ Be yourself. I do not discriminate against any sub who has shown due reverence and appreciation for their experience level, sexuality, gender, race, etc. I am accepting of all walks of life that have shown they want to stand out and grow.

 I do not read messages where the first two words are "I want." Becoming Mine means one thing: what I want, is what you want. Your satisfaction (and any release) comes depending on how you make an impact andplease Me.

 Walls of text of your fantasies, fantasies of Me, your expectations, etc. are trashed immediately. Until you have asked My consent to share the inner workings of your mind, do not flood Me with them. 

 If you intend to run on all gaskets from the high of a response and make unrealistic promises fresh in your first impression, know that I can smell them. I can tell when your words are just meant as empty flourish meant to hook Me. It won't work. Action over words, always.

 Going against My limits or asking Me to reconsider/consider accepting more $$ to play with them is an automatic block.

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