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Ever dreamed of the gorgeous goth girl picking on you in school? Find yourself lusting after the drop only a good mindfuck can bring you? Need a playful yet dangerous Latina Goddess to tear you apart while making you tremble from Her dangerous giggle?

I am Mistress Alexxxia. It's a pleasure to meet you, plaything.
Located in Brooklyn, NY, I've been in the game as a kinkster for twelve years and a professional for seven. I strive to explore the limits of the human body and mind, and have no issue picking apart each bit of yours to do so. I deserve nothing but the deepest devotion and submission, and once you embrace that,
W/we'll get along perfectly.

While I am a fan of pain and humiliation, don't count yourself out if you can't take it. All it takes is one laugh or whisper, and you'll be putty in My hands. 
Any and all walks of life are welcome to crawl to Me in worship, so long as you tread with respect and reverence.

Fear Me.
Love Me.
Do what I say.
And I'll show you a world the likes of which you've always dreamed.
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