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I am Mistress Alexxxia.
A hypnotic Cenobite. A sultry seductress. A playful sadist. A gothic beauty with Grecian-Goddess curves. A luxury fetishist. A divine Feminine. And everything that you've sought caressing the borders of excruciating pains and white-hot pleasure.
Located in Brooklyn, NY and spreading My influence throughout NY State and beyond, I have dove deep into the intricacies of BDSM and fetish play, and treat each interaction with each new pet to cross My path as a way to grow both My own as well as their indulgences in Hedonistic methods so many turn their noses up at. My space is a way to forget the facades you may throw up in your normal life, and rest at My heel with no judgment (unless you're seeking humiliation of the richest kind).
Whether it's the kiss of leather against your flesh, a slender neck to adorn the key to your cage, pain and pleasure indivisible, or the eroticism of My luxury tastes, you'll find yourself utterly enamored with My methods. Let My siren's song voice and succulent curves lead you to subspace bliss.
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