A B O U T   M E

I am a central New York-based Dominatrix, published alternative model, artist, and femme-fatale of ingenuity. I began my professional kink work in 2017 but have been involved in the BDSM world since late 2011.

I was always one with a clever brain and neverending imagination, and spent most of My life as the artistic type and quiet type. Now, having channeled My inner voice and power, I have been making up for lost time, channeling it all into destroying men's egos and managing their finances with an elegant, dark flair unlike that you'll ever experience again.

I consider My style to be that of a succubus, a demonic feminine creature portrayed in Christianity and Christian mythology, depicted to drain the souls of innocent men via their unending lust for the intoxicatingly femme. My curves, dark eyes, generous ass, and silver tongue have left each man I've come across with an unseen scar on their psyche that they dread to see fade. I'm a dark luxury you might be able to afford. I am a cruel yet fair seductress with one hand on your finances and another squeezing at your ego. 
Do you have what it takes?