O N L I N E   S E S S I O N S

If servitude isn't exactly your thing, I offer sessions via Skype and Kik. You can either email Me via missxalexxxia@gmail.com, or message Me on Twitter (@missalexxxia) if you wish to schedule something. Tributes are accepted for sessions via Venmo, CashApp, IWantClips, SpankPay and AVN Stars tribute methods. Wishlist items do not count as payments for sessions. 

Kik sessions: $25/10 min, $60/30 min, $100/1 hr.
Kik drains: minimum $100 per half.

Skype sessions: $8/min, 5 min minimum.
Skype drains: minimum $250 per hour.

Deposit and access to communication via either method is $25 deposit paid at time of booking. Price is deducted from overall price. Remaining fees must be paid in full before the start of the session. No exceptions. 

A V A I L A B L E  F E T I S H E S

M Y  F A V O R I T E S


My voice has been described by countless men and women as that of a siren -- soothing and comforting,
but you'll only know when it's too late when you're far too weak to escape.I mix a variety of voice,
sound cues such as leather stretching and paddles, as well as contrasting touches and simple
commands, to create the perfect trance to rework the human mind into something to corrupt and
explore. For more details on the intricacies of erotic hypnocism, I welcome you to investigate Lola Jean's 7DaysofDomination series from Christmas 2020 for My 101 class! 


S A C R I L E G E  +  R E L I G I O U S  B L A S P H E M Y
There is no God. No Buddha. No Vishnu or Odin or second-coming. Let Me guide you into defiling
and perverting your own heartheld faith for My amusement. Will I make you use your religious
text as a fleshlight, or make you deepthroat your beloved religious totem? Once you come to Me, abandon
all security your precious faith has given you.


F I N A N C I A L  D O M I N A T I O N
Financial control is so much more than demanding tributes. Money is the one comfort that so many

are the most hesitant to give up, which in and of itself becomes the greatest source of tangible

power. Keeping Me happy, spoiled and comfortable ensures that I see you in a higher regard, and

you recognize that I deserve your money far more than you do for all the amazing things I've done to you

to deepen your submission. The happier I am, the more praise and gratification you receive, even if all

you are to receive is a "good boy/girl."

Submissives interested in a dynamic held primarily/solely in financial domination must be prepared to
spend a minimum of $1000/mo for My pleasure. No exceptions.


H U M I L I A T I O N  +  A B U S E
I find immense joy in taking the human ego and temporarily (or permanently) breaking it to the point

of where your mind is torn between hyper-arousal and utter shame. Tell Me all that you're most ashamed
of. My years of writing experience and neverending creativity have crafted some of the most brutal

insults and humiliating tasks to give unto you. If you've experienced something unique, feel free to share

it so I can either reproduce it or deepen that experience that once diminished you to mere dirt.


With the click of one lock, all control can be taken away. A week to even a life of chastity becomes

a test of endurance and mental strength, keeping you focused on feeling the most submissive while

serving Me in ways allowing you to jerk or stroke at will doesn't. I offer keyholding services from 2 weeks

up to multiple months (and even longer for long-term training D/s dynamics) for those that crave nothing

more than the release... of not being able to achieve release

Chastity keyholding fees start at $125/week. The first offering must be sent via payment notifications

and have confirmed receipt before secondary addres for key shipping will be provided. No exceptions.


Be violated by Me. Let Me corrupt that one part of you that your mind wanders to most often. Sounding

is an intense mix of pain and pleasure that no other fetish can replicate, and the pure violation of

your precious body is one of My ultimate pleasures.


O T H E R  O F F E R I N G S

Cuckolding Roleplay, Cosplay, CBT, CEI, JOI, Body Worship (Ass, Feet, Tits, etc.), Smothering,
Intox (THC & poppers only), Puppy Play, Edgeplay/Ruined Orgasms, CFNM,
PVC/Vinyl, Boot Worship, Food Play, Fat-Shaming/Feederism, Ritual Play/Roleplay, ABDL,
Mummification, Pegging, Anal Training, OTK, Feminization, Corporate Punishment,

PVC/Vinyl/Shiny, Human Furniture, Ashtray, Watersports**.

H A R D  L I M I T S

Homewrecking, Blackmail, Race-PlayRacial Humiliation, Scat, Switching, Castration, Wrestling,

Full-Service, Roman Showers, FTT, Ruby Showers, Oral Servitude.

In addition, I do not, under any circumstances, session topless or nude. I will happily respect the hard limits
of the submissive. Mine need to be respected as well. Pushing or 
failure to respect limits will result in
automatic expulsion from session with no refund and blacklisting.

(** Incurs additional fee to session costs.)


R E A L - T I M E  S E S S I O N S 


NOTE: As of January 11th, due to the current spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus, I will be taking a limited amount of sessions with added precautions.

All submissives who wish to book must provide, in addition to screening materials listed below, proof of a negative Covid test taken within four days before your designated date. Masks will be mandatory for both parties, unless "oral-involved" fetishes are requested, in which the submissive may be allowed to remove his own. I will be keeping My mask on for the duration of the session, no exceptions.


If you have been vaccinated, please provide physical proof of your card when applying.

My safety and the safety of My clientele are My greatest concern. Failure to abide by these policies will result in permanent blacklisting.


















I session out of the Hudson Valley (Orange/Dutchess/Westchester County), NY. In order to schedule with Me, you must fill out the application listed above, as well as contact Me to alert Me of the application (I skim through many each day) and indicate any specifics or questions.

I am available for sessioning for the following times:


Mon-Thurs: 4PM - 11PM

Fri-Sat: 4PM - midnight

Sun: 4PM - 11PM


Sun-Thurs: Email Me for info
Fri-Sat: 4PM - midnight


Local sessions must be made at least three days in advance. NYC sessions, I require a minimum of five. Emails and applications not complete to the letter will be promptly ignored. Once I have received it, W/we can begin planning. 

1 Hour - $300
90 Min - $400
(mandatory for all new clients),
2 Hours - $500

3 Hours - $700

- ask about "day servitude" -

My minimum rates are listed above and do not include tip, or any additional fees that may factor in to O/our experience (travel, gear, costume/wardrobe, etc.). A $100 deposit ($200 for 2+ hours) made at the time of booking will count as part of total cash tribute. A copy of government-issued ID* will be requested if no references are provided or can be reached for screening. Cancellations eligible for deposit refund must be made within 24 hours before session time for local, and 72 hours before for NYC commute, to allow for booking of the space used.

D A T E  W I T H  A  D O M I N A N T

In addition, I offer the lucky and most indulgent and wealthy an extra experience: an opportunity at a date with a Dominant. This is a wonderful opportunity to those looking to serve Me long-term and in person, and will give you a glimpse into my more vanilla charms as well. If you wish to do so before a session, or on its own, you will be expected to cover the entire bill of our escapade, as well as hand over $150/hr at the start of the date. Four-star restaurant minimum.













C A S H M E E T S  |  A T M   M E E T S
S H O P P I N G  T R I P S

I do a lot of traveling over the course of the year, and if there's one thing I love, it's taking a slave to an ATM or ripping money straight from his wallet. And if there's one thing I'm sure you're craving, it's having a gorgeous gothic sadist, in towering heeled boots, taking from you. 

W/we'll meet at an ATM, and you'll be handing over what I want. A minimum withdrawal/drop of $300 is expected at the location. If ATM meets aren't your style, let's meet more discreetly in a Starbucks or cafe. You come, meet Me at a table, pay My tab, hand over the cash, and get lost. Or we can converse for five minutes before I deliver a kick to you beneath the table and walk away. To book, there is a $75 deposit which must be sent, along with an email with all details to missxalexxxia@gmail.com. Payment can be made via CashApp, Clips4Sale, AVN Stars or IWantClips.


If you'd like to partake in the privilege of watching Me spend your money firsthand, let's go shopping. I'll take you to one of My favorite luxury, lingerie, kink/fetish, shoe and/or other stores and run rampant with your card. But I know you won't mind. Pampering your Mistress and seeing Her try on garment after garment, waving a taunting price tag in front of you, will be all that matters. To book, follow the above protocol and deposit amount. Minimum of $400 per hour of shopping.

I'm most often in NYC and the Hudson Valley (Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester, etc.) NY area, but I do post on My Twitter when I venture beyond My state. I'm even open to coming to your city to take it (provided you fund My plane ticket and lodging expenses). Long-distance trips will only be available for negotiation depending on previously established, positive rapport in the kink community and outstanding servitude to Myself.

All meets will be done in public, well-lit areas during the daytime with foot traffic.

*: This practice is meant for My own safety. With the increase of police presence, sex worker violence, and the passing of SESTA/FOSTA which removes most of our protections in the eyes of the law of the United States, as well as all outer presences. This policy is non-negotiable, and will not be reconsidered under any circumstances.


N E W !  C O U P L E ' S  K I N K
S E S S I O N S  &  W O R K S H O P S

I've decided to open up My abilities and schedule to couples. Regardless of your gender or type of relationship, I invite you to allow Me in to add some spice to your love life. 

Wanting to go beyond spanking in the bedroom? Interested in locking your partner in chastity? Need a guiding hand to show you how to dominate one another just like a pro-Dominant? Book Me for a couple's session or kink workshop and let's invite your inner pervert out to play.

Please email Me for more information and a quote to organize your session.