O N L I N E   S E S S I O N S

If servitude isn't exactly your thing, I offer sessions via Skype and Kik. You can either email Me via missxalexxxia@gmail.com (tribute FIRST before even contacting Me), or messaging Me on Twitter (@missalexxxia) or IWantClips if you wish to schedule something. Tributes are accepted for sessions via Amazon GC, Circle Pay, or Square Cash, as well as via IWantClips tribute methods. Wishlist items do not count as payments for sessions. Don't even ask.

Kik sessions are $25/10 min, $60/30 min, $85/1 hr.
Kik drains: have a minimum of $100 at the ready.

Skype sessions are $7/min, with your choice of "themed" outfit. 5 minute minimum.
Skype drains: have a minimum of $250 at the ready.

ID's for both Skype and Kik are available at IWantMistressAlexxxia.com. Both buy you permanent access to these methods (considering a respectful, consistent rapport with Me), and must be purchased in addition to a session. Costs of Skype or Kik ID cover discussion of kinks, limits, common protocol, and my time/efforts in setting up your ideal experience. This is not negotiable, nor deductible from the cost of the overall session.

Available Kinks

What I Do: Financial Domination, Cuckolding Roleplay, Verbal Abuse/Humilation, CBT, CEI, JOI, Body Worship (Ass, Feet, Tits, etc.), Forced Intox (Weed/Alcohol/Poppers), Puppy Play, Edgeplay/Ruined Orgasms, Bratty Domination, CFNM, Chastity Tease, Hypnosis, Wallet Drains, Lace, PVC/Vinyl, Boot Worship, Food Play/Humiliation, Fat-Shaming/Feeding, Ritual Play/Roleplay, Virgin Shaming, Blackmail Fantasy, Mummification, Pegging, Sounding Training, OTK, Feminization, Watersports**.

What I Don't Do: Homewrecking, Real Blackmail, Racial Humiliation, Credit Card Play (reserved for loyal long-term subs_, Scat/Toilet Play, Switching, Full-Service Sexual Contact, Nude Female.

(I will happily respect the hard limits of the sub. Mine need to be respected as well.) 

(** Incurs additional fee to session costs.)


R E A L - T I M E   S E S S I O N S  |  D A T E   W I T H   A   D O M I N A N T

In order to schedule one, you must fill out the application listed above, as well as contact Me to alert Me of the application (I skim through many each day) and indicate any specifics or questions.


Emails and applications not complete to the letter will be promptly ignored. Once I have received it, we can begin planning. My current rate are as follows: 

1 Hour - $300
90 Min - $400 (rec. for all new clients for a less-rushed experience),
2 Hours - $500

These rates include a $100 deposit at the time of booking as well as a copy of government-issued ID*. Cancellations eligible for deposit refund must be made within 24 hours before session time, due to costs of rental space/hotel, etc. Additional fees (travel, gear, costume/wardrobe, etc.) are to be explained and charged at My discretion.

In addition, I offer the lucky and most indulgent and wealthy an extra experience: an opportunity at a date with a Dominant. This is a wonderful opportunity to those looking to serve Me long-term and in person, and will give you a glimpse into my more vanilla charms as well. If you wish to do so before a session, or on its own, you will be expected to cover the entire bill of our escapade, as well as hand over $200/hr at the start of the date.

NOTE: This is not an explicit "escorting" service. I am not a full-service sex worker. Any attempts at or inquiries of sexual services outside of a discussed prior session will result in loss of further servitude opportunities.
















C A S H M E E T S  |  A T M   M E E T S

I do a lot of traveling over the course of the year, and if there's one thing I love, it's taking a slave to an ATM or ripping money straight from his wallet. And if there's one thing I'm sure you're craving, it's having a gorgeous gothic sadist, in towering heeled boots, taking from you. 

We'll meet at an ATM, and you'll be handing over what I want. To book, there is a $75 deposit which must be sent, along with an email with all details and a copy of legal ID* to missxalexxxia@gmail.com. Payment can be made via CashApp, Clips4Sale, or IWantClips. A minimum withdrawal or drop of $300 is expected at the location. If ATM meets aren't your style, let's meet more discreetly in a Starbucks or cafe. You come, meet Me at a table, pay My tab, hand over the cash, and get lost. Or we can converse for five minutes before I deliver a kick to you beneath the table and walk away.

I'm most often in NYC and the Hudson Valley/Central NY area, but I do post on My Twitter when I venture beyond My state. I'm even open to coming to your city with My man in tow to take it (provided you fund My plane ticket and lodging expenses). Long-distance trips will only be available for negotiation depending on previously established, positive rapport in the kink community or outstanding servitude to Myself.

*: This practice is meant for My own safety. With the increase of police presence, sex worker violence, and the passing of SESTA/FOSTA which removes most of our protections in the eyes of the law of the United States, as well as all outer presences. This policy is non-negotiable, and will not be reconsidered under any circumstances.