M Y   M I S S I O N

A common misconception of us Dommes is how easy the job it. It is far from easy, and at times far from glamorous. Like any job, it involves endless work, rebranding until you fit perfectly into your corner of niche, and tending to My kennel of slaves.

Regarding the last of those, My kennel is an incredibly difficult area to fall into as a slave. Not all slaves become owned after their consideration process, and owned slaves don't always earn their collar or dog tags. It takes hours of work, hundreds to thousands of dollars, and special attention to detail for Me to take on a slave and make them a pet. Pleasing Me and keeping My attention is not an easy feat -- if you invest your time from the get-go, the only way to go is up. Don't go up with Me, and you'll be tossed. I won't even blink. 

My subs happily follow the Thirteen Rites as an abridged guide to what it takes to stay both in My good favor and at the top of their game. If you value a place at My feet, you'll review them and learn them well.

1.) Alexxxia is the Goddess of my existence and the Creator of  my new life. I will praise that.

2.) I shall never speak of my Goddess in a derogatory fashion, for She has extended the generosity of Her attention to a lowly beta like me.

3.) As such, Her Alpha is my God. He is the definition of masculinity, something I aspire to be but know I will never accomplish. His perfection, His cock, are all things that my Goddess deserves.

4.) My Goddess deserves my all, financially, physically, and emotionally. She shall know all, demand as She pleases, and be the end-all to my freedom of sexual release if She so wills it.

5.) Goddess is to know everything, for She deserves honesty. If I have doubts, She shall know. If I need a break, She shall not be left at surprise. If issues arise, I will discuss them with Her.

6.) I will refrain from being clingy and suffocating on my Goddess.

7.) Unless given permission or asked, I will keep the details of my pleasure and kinks to myself. I will also respect the limits of my Goddess, as She respects my own.

8.) I will refrain from personal indulgences, as it disrespects Goddess and deprives Her of my all, without Her explicit permission.

9.) Though I am Her slave, I will maintain a healthy, responsible lifestyle. I will pay my bills on time, continue relationships, eat healthy, and care for myself when ill.

10.) If I am to enter a relationship, I shall treat that partner(s) like gold, for they have given me their heart(s) and all women are goddesses.

11.) My Goddess' final word is law. 

12.) Goddess has my loyalty forever, for I cannot picture a life burdened without Her in my life, nor Her trust broken.

13.) I acknowledge that though a sub, I am a human. I acknowledge that I will make mistakes. I am to atone for those mistakes, and take the steps needed so that I never make them again.