H O W   T O   S E R V E   M E

Face it. A computer or phone screen can only do you so much good. You can gawk at My pictures all you want, edge to My voice and body, but there is the possibility that you might get to know Me on a much more intimate level. Of course I'd never even consider getting into bed with you, but you can have the next best thing -- the ability to serve Me.

I allow only the finest boys to be considered a member of My exclusive kennel of subs, My Alexxxia Acolytes if you will. Boys that know the true meanings of communication, loyalty, honesty, generosity, and every other trimming that is crucial to a proper D/s dynamic. In addition to physical, mental, and emotional training, weekly tributes, observation of protocol 24/7, and an open mind are not just mandatory, but expected to be given freely and happily.

I do not neglect. I do not destroy. If you are looking for the fantasy of it, I can happily bring it to you and use it to bring you to your knees. But I do not look to ensnare men to break them beyond repair. Subs under My care and ownership grow. They prosper. They see the importance of individuality, creativity, and the significance of using their existence to benefit a higher power. They see the potency in Femmes across the world, and come to Me to reshape them into a proper servant of the Female world.


If you have been pining long enough after Me, and wish to finally dissolve into the world I have formed for your new life, you may fill out the Servitude Application listed below. Any application without tribute will go straight to the trash. I will instruct you further how to begin your training to earn your coveted collar. 


Can't afford long-term servitude? Reimbursements of all sorts are always loved (and expected) so ask to be of use to Me. Online sessions and drains are also available.

L O C A L   S E R V I T U D E

If you are in the NY/Hudson Valley area, and have the capacity for discretion, you have the chance to apply to be a long-term, real-time submissive of Mine. The first meetup will always be in a public place, such as a Starbucks or a small restaurant or diner. You will be paying for My drink(s)/meal, as well as sending a mandatory $50 deposit before the meet (see Tribute page to learn how), as well as a clear discernible picture of your legal government ID and a current selfie. As a professional I do not breach safety, and as such, these are requirements to ensure my own, considering the current political climate and state of affairs toward sex workers in the United States. At the meet, there is a minimum of $200, which you will present to Me in cold hard cash. Remember -- first impressions are everything. Be willing to go above and beyond for Me. Those who have found Me are often conflicted by both sides to Me -- playful, fun-loving, and curious, as well as cunning, sadistic, and devious. You are also encouraged to bring presents with you as well for Me. I happen to be partial to anything from home furnishings to lingerie. Check out My wishlists for ideas.

"What if I've made a good impression, Goddess?"

You'll know by the end of our meet. If you bore Me, I'll just walk out. If you offend me or put me off in any way, I may not give you the opportunity to rectify your mistakes. I make it a point to try and get to know all I can about you. Feel free to ask Me questions, tell Me things about yourself, discuss psychology or mythology with Me (I love intelligent, hobby-driven subs), and make small talk. If I see potential in you, we'll take it from there.

For more information, as well as My Session Applications, see My tab on Sessions & Meets. I'll be waiting...